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We’ll get ‘em next year…



After I graduated from undergrad a bunch of the people that I went to school with started a tailgate for graduates from our year called the “We’ll get ‘em next year” tailgate. I was a reference to the fact that our football team frankly wasn’t that great and when we’d have a bad game or a bad year we’d say, “We’ll get ‘em next year,” and we’d been saying that for several years running at this point.

I’m realizing at this point that I’ve let this year slip past me and, contrary to what I said earlier in the year, I never got around to sending in that 1875 Netherlands 10G for cross-grading. With the deadline coming up in about 3 weeks I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it for this year, so I now found myself thinking, “Well, I’ll get it crossed next year.”

I think I’ve been thinking this since at least 2016, based on the evidence of past entries.

I’m still #1 in the category and I think I’ll still win without it, but the 1875 would put me over 50% complete – something I didn’t think was likely to ever happen when I first started the set, but I didn’t anticipate running across an 1887 or an 1888 at a reasonable price in those days.

So that’ll have to be the big mission for 2019: Stop lying to myself and get the 1875 crossed…



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Sometimes with everything going on and other duties to perform I have to Prioritize things...Easier when your in the Lead already or have a back up plan..Just take the time and do it...which I need to practice what I preach...I have a Group of Coins I need t send into our Host which would change some people's view on their Registries...Competition is Great and Keeps the Game Changing for the Better in My Opinion...Has the Market Price or Availability in your above series changed Dramatically or at certain grade levels or varieties do you see the existence in short supply or abundance? A dealer in North Carolina was on the phone at his B & M Last week and was Placing a Raw Foreign Coin with a Client and I overheard him agree with the person on the amount of Foreign coins which are not graded and how the census at PCGS and NGC show Low numbers but in all actuality the Collectors of certain series/issues refuse and do not want these coins certified. You might be able to find more of what you seek "in the Rough" so to say and I know that on my Columbian PCGS Certified Coins the Census is Very Low but I've spoken to some collectors of the series and many reside raw..Good Luck on your Endeavors....Congrats on #1 and I think you've got it anyway....

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