A Simply Beautiful Coin Design



another "setless" purchase

As I have posted and written about over the years, sometimes I make a purchase for the simple reason that I love beautiful coins. There is no "collecting" involved as there is no higher goal than ownership and enjoyment.

I got pretty lucky with this purchase also. The British Virgin Island bullion coin is an attractive design and I purchased the silver addition some months ago for a small case I have with ungraded, large silver coins. The gold gilt with rhodium finish coin I saw at a few websites and with a premium for a 1 ounce silver piece. My guess is that the mintage of only 500 pieces, the fine packaging and the rhodium finish to give it a "black and gold" look is why the coin sells most often at $100 or more while the bullion piece I acquired for $25 or less.

I appear to have gotten a bit of luck. The coin was at auction with a note that the seller would be out of country for several weeks and the items won would not be shipped until January ( this was before Christmas.)

Maybe it was the seller being too busy out of country to schill up the price, maybe it was other collector's not willing to wait for the gratification of receiving their purchase, or maybe it was simply that others don't find it as stunning as I do--either way, a winning bid of $33 was VERY satisfying for a limited edition piece like this.

My first new coin arrival of 2017..Britannia and Pegasus from the BVI


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I thought it was Britannia myself, but it turned out the women is Athena. I stumbled on the BVI coins myself from auctions. I think they looks great in my opinion.... mostly UC mintage. I have a 1977 and 1978 standard Proof set and Jubilee set in the same year (Jubilee sets all coins are silver).

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