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The Super Registry Sets - Part III World Sets Niue Silver $2, 2006-Date, Proof and Prooflike - 400 Slots

Dan Hughes


The Mother Of All Registry Sets when it comes to sheer number of slots.

When I first started looking at the larger Registry Sets when it came to the number of slots, I was not that surprised to find that the Niue $2 Proof was at the top with 400 slots. The majority of these have been added by myself and (friendly) competitor David (Dharma King / Go Mango), of course with the help of Ali, Jane, Lisa, Maribeth, Melanie and all of the other great people at NGC who worked so patiently in helping get all of these and other slots correctly identified and entered.

Hard to imagine one set with 400 slots, but there are others that are not far behind (Canada $20, for instance). The release of so many new coins each year has exploded recently, since around 2012, compared to previous years. I can only imagine it is a combination of the lower cost of Silver as well as the continued high demand for collectible coins. I find it amazing that these mints can make a profit from such a wide variety of coins with very small mintage populations. 2,000 would be a larger quantity on a new coin release, with a majority being under 1,000.

As with the $1 Niue Proof Registry Set I wrote about previously, there are probably between 100-200 additional slots that could be added if I had the extra money to buy and submit them. Living on a retirement income now prevents that. It has been very enjoyable over the years to seek out and find the unusual coins in this set.

The Niue coins are produced and/or sold by many different Mints. Royal Canadian, Britain, New Zealand, German, Polish, Swiss. Seems like everyone is in the kitchen with this small island nation when it comes to producing their coins. Just about any type of feature you can think of has been used in Niue coins. High relief, colorized, gemstones, wood inlay, glow in the dark, gilt just to name a few. There are also a myriad of shapes and designs that present the buyer/collector with just about anything they can imagine.

There are several coin series in this set. The 12 Days of Christmas, Hello Kitty, Peanuts Gang, Legends Of Air, Orthodox Shrines, Kagaya Art, Star Wars, Anne Geddes, Imperial Faberge Eggs, Crystal Art, Disney, Avengers, Thunderbirds, Mythology Creatures, etc., etc., etc. Something for everybody.

As I mentioned earlier, I am now retired which means (sadly) I have to start selling off a large portion of my collection. You will see a lot of these coins for sale on a certain auction site (starts with an E) after December 1st, if you want to get a better look at some of these coins.




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