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Rewarding myself a little



Six ounces, one month and 10 lbs.

My wife finally convinced me to start going to the gym with her and dieting to try to diminish the size of my spare tire while she tries to lose the rest of her baby weight. This is something I've wanted to do for years but I just never made myself do it during grad school.

We agreed that we'd both treat ourselves in some way when we'd been good for a month. She wanted a pedicure. I wanted coins. :)

I gave some thought to what I wanted. I wanted to get something that would be unique and stand out in my collection. I didn't want something that would just be a part of a larger set or a widget that looks like 10 other things in my safe. Then I remembered these two ounce Ultra-High Relief privateer rounds that I'd thought were really cool and I'd wanted to get back in the day. I looked around and JMBullion still had the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th coins in the series for about $50 each.

2.5 weeks into the month my wife agreed that I could go ahead and order the three coins so I'd have them because I didn't want to risk JMB selling out of one or more of them. The condition was that she wouldn't let me open the box until I'd been tracking calories for 30 days.

Well, today was the 30th day I'd been dieting and the end of my 5th week at the gym. I'm down 10 pounds in the last 28 days since I started weighing myself regularly, and she gave me the box to open after lunch.

She was actually going to give me the box to open last night because she was so proud of me for sticking with it and I told her no and she could give it to me today after we went to the gym - specifically after the gym. We'd said 30 days and I was sticking to that. But now they're officially mine to stare at.

I need to find a place that sells air-tights for these thick two ounce rounds now.

She is also getting her pedicure today.

At some point I'll have to hit eBay to get the first coin in the series so I'll have all 4. Maybe I'll make that a reward for 2 months.


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