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Finally handing those presidential dollars off



for my niece and nephew.

A few weeks ago I met my brother and his kids during their annual visit from Washington. I decided that it was finally time to give my brother the P&D Jefferson Dollars that I'd been keeping to give to my niece at some point. The coins were released from the mint within a week of her birth years ago because they're First Day of Issues.

She isn't old enough yet to have them. She's only about 9. Still. I thought I'd give them to my brother and let him decide when to let her have it. I think he'll be in a better place to decide when they're old enough to get to keep them.

My brother also had a son about 5 and a half years ago. I wasn't collecting at the time so I didn't do anything comparable for him, but I did have a couple of extra Washington dollars. I decided to give those to my brother for my nephew as he gets older. Not quite the same as with my niece but they're still nice and I hope he'll like them when he's old enough. With both of them living in Washington I doubt I'll get many opportunities to help them get the coin collecting bug but we'll see. They may find the hobby yet. I'll probably be able to do a little more in that regard to my own son.

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