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"Just a Big Kid"



sometimes a winning bid or favorable grade on a submission can bring it all back

This morning{and I admit that I am not a morning person} I checked my email and visited this sight to see how my submissions were moving along. My morning and whole days' outlook improved immediately..it read "Finalized, Imaged, Shipped". With only a moment's hesitation.....should I wait until they arrive to find out the grades??...nah, click and ...woohoo!!The first thing I notice is that they have all been graded, no cleaned..tooled..removed from jewelry..etc in the whole batch of 15!!!Then I look for the "Marianne and Rooster" 1906 gold 20 fcs{this is the third time I have excitedly found 1 of this date but the first 2 came back un-graded}and it says MS64!! I quickly scan the list and see 1 PF70UCAM and even an AU55 grade on a ship coin I submitted from the Colonial times..wow.I ran into the bedroom where my wife was still getting ready and animatedly asked her"guess what..guess what???" and she smiled fondly and said "must be something about your coins...you're such a big kid when you get good news about them".After telling her about all the grades and hole filling I had accomplished, and her nodding and saying" that's nice" in all the right places I left the room and realized that I indeed did feel like a big kid...and was loving every minute of it too



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