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Walked on the Kalamar Nykel..ship from reverse of 1936 Delaware Commem on Saturday



Got to combine my 2 greatest hobby/interests...sailing ships and coins...

Here in Maryland we have a long great history in both numismatics{ever heard of a guy named Eliasburg?}and ship/sailing.On saturday I went to the annual "Tall Ship Festival" up the road in Annapolis and was delighted to find that along with the Schooner Sultana..Delawares Kalamar Nykel...the ship depicted on the reverse of the Deleware 1936 Commemorative Half..was also docked there. To make things even better we were allowed to board the ship in small tours and learn a bit of its history and use.Although the only thing that would have been better, a ride down the Chesapeake towards the Atlantic with sails billowing, was not in the offering...it was wonderful just to walk those old timbers.When I got home with my family I pulled out my 1936 Delaware commem to show my wife and daughters...and I think that they understand the beauty and history I see in my coin collection a little better and appreciate them a bit more themselves... PS: for anyone who might read this, I have a signature set in the "topical" section called High Seas...all coins with ships, which is worth 5 minutes of any coin collectors time to view the photos and history of the coins in it..enjoy..Jackson



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