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I Feel Your Pain



Jackson I'm sorry about the loss of that very attractive 1947-D Walker, I know how you feel. I just recently fell prey to the "snooze ya loose" syndrome.

I was eying an AU-53 1830 large cent for my type collection on a dealer's web site. The coin had great surfaces, a very strong strike, and for the life of me, I couldn't identify the rub that warranted an AU-53 grade. There was one draw back though and I hesitated. Asking for clarification to a small mark on the coins obverse I sent an e-mail to the dealer and before I knew it, the coin was gone.

Really nice early coppers are hard to come by and I have been perusing hundreds of listings looking for just the right coin at a price I could afford. At any rate I'm still on the prowl, and kicking myself for letting that coin go.

Shortly, thereafter I was looking through some e-bay listings for a bust half-cent to add to my type collection. I soon stumbled upon an XF-45 1806 half-cent with really crummy listing pictures. I put the coin on my watch list anyways and waited. Before the end of the listing, the seller put the coin on sale and with my e-bay bucks, I got it for a really nice price. The carrot that enticed me to take a chance on this coin was the sale.

When the coin arrived I found that the coin looked very nice in hand with a strong strike and very little wear for an XF graded coin. However, when I went to photograph the coin I noticed all the little warts that circulated early coppers can have. Macro photography has one drawback and its that it catches everything on the coin's surface without discrimination!

Well it didn't take me to long to get over those warts and I really fell in love with my coin! This coin on the heels of missing another coin made me at least temporally forget about the one I missed. Now I only think about it when I look for it's replacement!

Oh, by the way, shortly after I bought the half-cent I discovered that the coin was recently auctioned by Stacks-Bowers. To my delight, I found that with the e-bay bucks I got the coin for less than the Stack-Bowers final hammer!

Jackson, I know this one hurts but the perfect prescription to ease your heartache and disappointment is the next pristine coin that doesn't get away! I found my half-cent the perfect prescription for my loss!



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