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A Coin-Related, Non-Coin Purchase



For several months I had been toying with the idea of buying a Morgan Dollar coin clock offered by a seller named CoinClocks. Just recently, I finally broke down and pulled the trigger on it.

As a collector of Morgan Dollars and an admirer of the design, I was naturally drawn to this clock that features the obverse of the coin as its face. Furthermore, this clock has an "Old West" look and feel to it much as the coin did 122+ years ago. (The date on the clock is 1893). Encircling the image of "Lady Liberty" are the cities in which the Morgan Dollar was minted with Carson City, the symbol of the old west, prominently on top.

The reason it took me so long to buy the clock was that it isn't a coin, it just looks like one. Furthermore, my regular coin purchases have been somewhat sparse the last couple of months because of a tight Christmas budget and the final payment for my trip to Thailand later this month coming due in December. Since I couldn't buy all the coins I had been spying out, I certainly wasn't going to buy a clock. Now with Christmas out of the way and any new coin purchases waiting on my annual bonus, I decided the time was right to buy the clock.

When my clock arrived, I was surprised at how big eighteen inches is. With this clock hanging on the wall, it is easily visible from anywhere in the room. The clock is also heavy and I found that I needed a heavy duty wall anchor to hang the clock. This clock has darker coloring and as a result I'm going to have to adjust the lighting in the room to fully bring out its features. It's almost like I'm buying the clock and re-modeling the room around it! Good thing my wife likes it! The new couch she has been wanting me to buy with my annual bonus will have to match the clock!

Aside from all this CoinClocks has been an excellent person to deal with. The hardest part in the transaction was waiting for my clock to arrive since CoinClocks custom made my clock upon my order. He is also very good at his craft and I heartily recommend him. If you don't like Morgans, no problem, he can craft a clock from most any coin you choose! If you are interested in a clock for yourself or just want to look, please PM me and I'll be happy to pass the information I have along to you.



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