More new pics added of my Lincolns



Great photos of common and not so common date Lincolns

For those of you that are following me I apologize as I am not much of a writer or blogger as you can see as I only post one journal entry a year lol. I once again have new pics that were taken by Mark Goodman. Every time I send Mark coins to be imaged I am amazed by his skill. This time I added 14 sets of obv/rev photos (all Lincolns in this group) to coins in my inventory and sets. I say inventory as two or three of the coins I have not added to any sets just yet. I hope to have the entire set from '09 to '58 imaged by the end of the year but we'll see how that goes. The date list of new coin photos:

1916-S, 1918, 1919, 1919-S, 1921, 1923, 1924-D, 1925, 1925-D, 1926, 1926-D, 1927-S, 1934+ grade, and 72/72.

I really like most of the coins in this group but my favorite has to be the 1919. Coins from the Phily mint in 1919 are some of the very best for the entire Lincoln series and this coin is what all Lincoln cents should be like.


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