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Presidential Business Strike Dollars



Its been rewarding and a challenge thus far.

First off,

I want to thank "SBH" for the compliment he left on his own registry set about mine. Not everyone appreciates sticking to only grading or buying NGC coins.


I still have a few FDI dollars left in the First Day Issue set, I've been selling them off one of one. I could add them to my Business Strike set but that is not the intent to that set and I could never get the Number One set in my lifetime unless I was fortunate to find some myself in future Mint Sets. I could never justify spending $500 to over $1000 for just one modern coin. If anyone knows me at all, I always try to grade the coins myself first or if the price is just right, I will buy it. Once I find duplicates only then will I sell them and turn around and purchase the ones I still need. I do have to say that I was persistant on finding the 2011 Garfield P MS68 myself just recently. Spending hundreds is not as rewarding and finding it yourself.


I really dislike Dealers that swoop up the remaining graded coins on Fee Bay taking them away from real collectors that can not afford the high prices on the after market. I call them the "Vulture Dealers" they don't have the the coins graded themselves.

I understand this is a free country and its their decision how they get their inventory and its the buyers decision to buy over prioed modern day coins. The Vulture dealers have no real interest in the actual coin hobby but its merely a product to buy and sell regardless how long it sits on their shelves.

I only will sell to other coin collectors whenever possible and ban the Vulture Dealers from buying any of mine. My thought that those coins should be appreciated and in someone's registry. Over the last couple of weeks, I have now noticed that at least one Vulture Dealer is actively trying to get new coins while the coin collectors are trying to fill their slots. Yes, its legal but I suspect that some may see this as immoral.

My message is "It's not just Buyer Beware but also Seller Beware"

Sorry about the rant but that's how I see it.


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