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Liberty to return to US coinage?



As a lover of classic coins this news gives me something to cheer about!

I know that a lot of collectors are partial to collecting our currently circulating coins which feature busts of Presidents Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington, and Kennedy. However, with the exception of type coins, I am not among them. I have often bemoaned the the passing of what I think were fabulously artistic coins featuring various renditions of Lady Liberty. Now for people like me there is a glimmer of hope in that coins featuring Lady Liberty maybe interspersed with our current coinage starting in 2015. This at least is the recommendation of the CCAC committee which approves all commemorative coin designs along with those of the America the Beautiful Washington Quarters. As always, because I like to collect certain coins, it DOES NOT mean that I am criticizing people who collect other coins. I have often said that diversity in collecting is one of the strengths of our hobby and I always cheer on collectors who collect different coins than I do. However, this new prospect gives me something to cheer about for me! Check this link out for information concerning this new and exciting possibility.



For some reason I am having a very difficult time posting this link. If you click the link and then click the news and articles tab you will see the link containing this story.


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