Don't drink and bid!



just saw a 1880 S MS65 go for over $900

It was on an online auction. I found this auction site when I started collecting and now frequently watch, bid, and win some coins offered during various auctions.

Today, this auction had several higher graded Morgans so I tossed out some bids on some NGC-graded MSDs (1880 S and 1881 S).

Then, as I watched, the 1880S MS65 with a green CAC sticker went for over nine bills. I was thinking...wtf?

I guess the beer and excitement of the auction took over because the next thing I knew I threw a stupid bid and won a 1880 S MS66* for more than I probably should have paid.

I really like auctions, but need to be careful as drinking too much beer can seem to dampen logic (despite having the Grey Sheet) and cause one too spend to much money for a nice looking coin.


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