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Is NGC the right firm for me?

Newport Numismatic Guild


The Conundrum: My eyes tells me that I prefer the way NGC grades coins yet my eyes (and wallet) also see that PCGS graded coins sell at far greater premiums. What's a collector who's interested in long term appreciation value to do?

We've all noticed that PCGS graded coins usually sell for a premium over similarly graded NGC coins. I, like you, have seen the myriad of explanations as to why this situation exists. In the end however all the reasons and explanations make little difference when it comes to actually selling them when the time comes. I've noticed especially over the last several years that the premium paid by collectors for PCGS graded coins over NGC graded coins is widening rather dramatically and at a frighteningly fast tempo. Case in point: The newly released Ben Franklin comemmorative dollars PCGS graded MS70/PF70 on eBay and other similar markets, where people actually buy and sell in full view of the public's eye, sell for substancially higher prices than those certified and graded by NGC. Here in lies the problem.....I have many Franklins and other coins still to be submitted for grading and I'm concerned as to whom I should send them to ..... NGC or PCGS. We all want our coins to be of the most value [vis-a-vis] to what we paid for them, we all want to ensure that the firm we use to evaluate and grade our coins is accurate, reputable and well respected within the numismatic community. These are some of the many reasons we use the services of NGC. It seems to me however that the value we receive at the time of sale should also play a major factor when we determine which firm to use. I find myself all too often thinking "gosh....I wish these were PCGS graded because I've noticed that the PCGS ones sell for 10% to 25% more" then I think to myself "wow...I've got a lot of these NGC graded coins that if they had been equally graded by PCGS my collection would be worth a lot more"....."why am I getting my coins graded by NGC rather than PCGS"? Has this ever happened to any of you or am I alone in this? My gut, heart and eyes all tell me that NGC is the right company for me but my investment 'inner-self' whispers in my ear..... 'Think about how much more money you'll get at sale time if they are/were PCGS's'. Your thoughts on this subject are, as always, much welcomed, valued and appreciated.



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