All Under One Roof



My entire collection of Coin of the Month articles is all in one place.

With some friendly encouragement from VUMC409 I gathered all my Coin of the Month articles together and archived them on coinsbygary.com . Now organized into two volumes all my COTM are easily accessible anytime. To access the COTM articles click on the collections button from the main page. Then click the miscellaneous link to direct you to one of two links that leads you to the index page of either Volume 1 or Volume 2 Coin of the Month articles. This site may also be a good source of research for some of the coins in your collection. Finally, VUMC409, I cant thank you enough for getting me started with my own webpage. As always until next time, happy collecting, and feel free to peruse my site anytime! Please enjoy this picture of my latest purchase star date 1887 MS-65 Morgan Dollar from the Battle Creek Collection, I know some people don't like toners, but I never tire of looking at this coin.



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