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Introducing my newest Custom Set - 1908 USA/Phillipines Proof Set



Only 500 USA/Philippines proof sets were produced in 1908. The coins in this set have an average grade of PF 64.29 and range in grade rarity from R-6 to R-8.9.

Most Journal regulars are probably familiar with my Competitive Registry Sets. My USA/Philippines Type Set http://coins.www.collectors-society.com/registry/coins/SetListing.aspx?PeopleSetID=51257 recieved a 2011 Best Presented Set Award.

I also have a number of less known but equally interesting Custom Sets. As a matter of practice I do not unlock my Custom Sets for public view while they are in the building stage. The recent acquisition of a 1908 Half Centavo in PF65 RD completed my 1908 USA/Philippines Proof Set. Now that the set is complete and sufficiently illustrated and described I have unlocked it for public view.



1908 was the last year that USA/Philippine proof sets were produced and the only year that the reduced size & weight silver coins (Ten Centavos,Twenty Centavos, Fifty Centavos, and Peso) were struck in Proof.

Five hundred 1908 USA/Philippine Proof sets were minted. The seven coin 1908 USA/Philippine Proof set (Half Centavo, Centavo, Five Centavos, Ten Centavos, Twenty Centavos, Fifty Centavos, and Peso) was produced at the Philadelphia Mint. Since no business strikes of USA/Philippine coins were produced at Philadelphia in 1908 all 1908 USA/Philippine Proof coins were PROOF ONLY ISSUES.

The Coin Rarity Scale defines a RARE COIN (R-6) as a coin with 200-999 Surviving Specimens. By this definition all 1908 Proof coins were Rare Coins when they were issued. Certainly after more than a century the surviving number of 1908 proof coins in any condition is less than the origional 500 coins of each denomination. In 1908 the mint had not yet developed the special protective packing used for modern proof sets, and over the years, the condition of many of the surviving proof coins have deteriorated due to improper storage and impropper cleaning.

Quote: Proof Sets were not sold in any sort of protective packing or cases but were contained in plain paper coin envelopes and each coin was wrapped individually in thin tissue paper. This method of packaging has contributed to the micro thin hairline scratches seen on most proof coins as well as the heavy toning aften seen. GEM coins are quite RARE and all are very scarce due to the low mintages. (Allen 2008)

The specimens in this set range from Choice to GEM and have an average grade of PF 64.29. All of the coins have above average eye appeal for their grade. In terms of Grade Rarity the coins range from RARE (R-6) to EXTREMELY RARE (R-8).

The attached photo is the obverse of ny 1908 Half Centavo, NGC PF65 RD.




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