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Nobody wants them...



A funny moment at the local Whataburger

I was in a really bad mood the other weekend and I really just didn't feel like cooking so I went out to a Whataburger that'ss a mile or so from my apartment. After I ordered I was just sitting there waiting, mostly ignoring everything around me when something one of the girls working the registers said caught my attention. I have no idea why this just happened to pierce the fog of my own thoughts floating around my head but it did.

She said, "instead of dollar bills would you want some of these coins? We're trying to get rid of them." She was talking about the presidential dollars. I couldn't help it; I chuckled under my breath a little when I heard that, but quietly enough that no one else noticed. The popularity of that series dropped like a brick after the first year or two and just hasn't recovered since it seems. For some reason seeing that clerk meekly trying to convince customers to take those coins just to get rid of them made me laugh just a little bit that day.

I was in a convenience store about 5 years ago when a man paid for 2 beers with 28 mercury and silver roosevelt dimes. I offered the clerk $3 for those and 2 dimes for the register on the spot and made $30 in silver (at the time) easy in the process. This time... yeah... I didn't really want their circulated dollar coins either. Not that type of dollar anyway.




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