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Grading Frustrated Today



Got back 5 PQ+ coins from NGC today that I sent in for upgrades and nothing...Trying to upgrade a set but my coins are nicer than the higher graded coins I see at auction!!!

I get a bit frustrated at times when I look to upgrade a 64 to a 65 or a 63 to a 64 or even a 66FB to a 67FB and find that my coins are superior in strike, luster and cleanness.I recently sent 5 coins away for an upgrade/{grade correction!!} and got them all back with the packing slip I sent them with,the only difference was the box...lol...I have no way of even knowing if they were closely looked at...perused..or even looked at at all{{I'm sure they were but I can't know that}.To anyone who reads this look at my 1917 year set...I sent in a 1917 Buffalo nickel MS64, 1917MS65FB Mercury, 1917 T1 SLQ MS63FH, a 1917-D T1 SLQ MS64FH and a 1917-S SLQ T1 MS62FH..now go to the current auction at "H" tage..and look at every one of these coins but 1 grade higher..MINE are nicer....some by even 2 GRADES..and I have 6 auction sites on my favorites list and see this at them all..thanks for letting me vent...here is a "65" Maryland commem photo with a beautiful bronze toned bust and fully struck..CLEAN..go to the big signature auction and check out the 6 different 66's and tell me if you think ANY of them are nicer than this one...do you buy the coin or holder?..for me I'll take my PQ 64's over the ruddy, scratched, weakly struck 65's I see any day




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