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I'm sick of it, it's time to enjoy my sailing, build a greenhouse so that I can garden in the winter, spend extra time with the granddaughter and reading my Bible. Maybe take that money spent on coins and take that dream trip through Europe now that the Euro is crashing and travel there is cheaper than it has been in decades...lots of things to fill thye time I spent on coin collecting. Most of them will enrich my life far more also.


I spent the better part of 30 min. today just deleting sets from my "Control Page". What started out as 4 pages, with around 122 sets, with 117 of those first place sets, is now down to just a few. Why? Because NGC dropped PCGS from the World Coin Sets? Hell no! Even though it did affect MANY of my British sets, maybe around 15 sets, that's not the only reason for such a turn-about.

For the past 5 or 6 years I have been on the phone with NGC, trying to clear up their mistakes, more times then I could ever count. But I can tell you this, NOT one of those times, NOT ONE, did I ever feel like they turely cared about me or the mistake they made. No matter who I talked to, they all seemed to be in such a hurry to get me off the phone. I have already told the story about the so called "second in charge" flat out telling me that they are way too busy to be dealing with my problems. Which was funny, because if THEY would have labeled the coin right the first time I wouldn't have a problem.

You always want to feel like you're a valued customer, no matter if you spend $50 or $50,000. Well I have been both. When I first started, I was the $50 customer. But last year I was the $18,000 customer. And no where in that time did I get treated any differently. Always like .

So, I say AMEN to Jackson. It won't be sailing and greenhouses for me, but it will be something more rewarding then making NGC rich.

As far as BULLY'S question. "As anyone put pen to paper and told NGC how they feel"? I can say that I have not. Maybe I should. But I have to admit, I don't think it would get any better responce then all those phone calls and emails I sent about mislabeling, mounting problems, population mistakes, Registry additions or corrections, or billing mistakes. I mean, if a company seems pissed that you caught a billing mistake where they over charged a customer $55, and then $28, and then $39.... then what makes you think they will care to hear from you about the "Registry"? Besides, are they so busy that they can't open a journal of one of their customers and read it? Even if it was just one or two journals a day. I mean, I work 8 hours, sometimes 10, at my job and I still find time to read/write some journals. That's because I care about what people are saying and about a hobby called "coin collecting" not a hobby called "making money"!



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