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Copper lining?



Sometimes you take what you can get, right?

This happened a couple of months ago but I found myself thinking about it.

Back in November I lost my Android smartphone. This was an extremely upsetting event and I was very frustrated with myself because I hadn't lost or broken a cellphone in 10 years of owning one. All my old phones were retired when the batteries gave out and I was up for an upgrade. I was ticked with myself for losing it and I knew it was going to cost me a ton of money I didn't want to have to spend to replace it.

Before I gave up on the phone and got a new one I engaged in more than one rather desperate search of the car. I didn't find the phone but I did find two old Civil War tokens I'd lost nearly 2 years ago when moving out of my parents' house. Yep. Apparently the coins had fallen into a crack and they'd been in the car for 2 years. The tokens were already brown when they went in the car, and they hadn't corroded, so they aren't really any worse for the wear after two years in the car, which is kinda amazing. The joys of already having a protective layer of oxidized metal over the coin, right?


I'm not sure why finding $70 in old coins made losing a $500 cellphone better but it kinda did. It was one small "copper lining" on a really crappy week. I really liked those tokens and ones like these that looked this nice have rarely presented themselves to me. I'd been really upset when they were lost. Having them back now is nice.

For what it's worth (not much), I did eventually find the phone, 2 months later, long after I bought a new one (for $400), in an area of the car where it had no business being. I don't even know how it is physically possible for it to have gotten there. My wild imagination suggests that the thing would have had to go through a worm-hole to get to that location, which I actually checked 2 months earlier and found nothing! It really just doesn't make any sense. Yeah... That or gremlins... probably gremlins... At least I was able to get my pictures back.




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