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A different perspective on the annual awards



A diversity of winners from year to year is good for Collector's Society.

I've given this matter some thought, and from year to year I've noticed certain traits to the sets that are awarded. Naturally, every year there are those dream sets that make most people, including myself, drool over. Even the journal awards seem to follow certain trends. This causes me to conclude, and this is only my opinion, that the judges get together before the contest to determine the criteria by which they will judge the thousands of sets they will have to weed through and eliminate before settling on the winners. I also believe that the criteria by which they judge the sets changes from year to year.

A few years ago I thought I had this criteria nailed down. I've won the journal award and the best presented award figuring if I continue in the same vein with the rest of my sets, I ought to get an award every year. Not so, I have a world set patterned after my award wining set passed over for two years now. There are even a few top pops in this set that might qualify it for the drool category, but no such luck. I even redid all my photos, but even this did not matter.

Thinking on it a little more, it is good to change the criteria from year to year because of the diversity of sets that are brought to the attention of the entire community through the annual awards is good for the hobby and broadens everyone's perspective on the hobby.

From a journaling perspective, I think my writing has improved in the last two years, so why no award? Perhaps it is for the same reason that good sets are also passed over. Maybe if I keep posting and maintaining my world registry set the judging criteria will swing back my way. Who knows, but I can always hope. Only one team wins the Superbowl and the rest place their hopes on next year. Last year my team won the Superbowl, this year maybe my team goes home. Of course I hope for a repeat every year, but realistically that will not happen.

Now its back to to focusing on my collection by acquiring new coins and presenting them in a manner I can be proud of.




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