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2011 and Beyond



2011 has been a banner year for changes in my collection, but what about plans for 2012.

What a difference a year can make, one year ago I wrote of my commitment to continue purchasing "First Spouse" gold coins, but now a year later, I only collect the medals. Subsequently, since I discontinued the "First Spouse" series, I decided to put those coins that no longer meet my collecting goals up for sale. As a result, I reinvested the proceeds from that sale back into my collection and in doing so, greatly improved my gold type collection.

Some goals, however, do not appreciably change, as I focused on improving my current "Wilhelmina" 10 gulden registry set by upgrading three of the eleven coins in that set. One of those new coins has a NGC population of one with none higher. With an eye towards the goal of MS-65, I will remain on the lookout for acceptable and affordable upgrades to this set in 2012.

I have also added two new sets to my collection that I had not anticipated. At the beginning of 2011, I had planned on a set of 22 Gem-BU Morgan Dollars averaging $200/coin. However, this goal quickly grew into a complete set. At one point in the year, I realized that I was adding one coin per week to my collection without being consciously aware of it. This reminds me of the old Lays potato chip adage, "No one can eat just one." Clearly, as my buying binge would suggest, it is also true that "No one can buy just one coin." Still needing 15 Morgan Dollars for my set grading at MS-63 & 64 and costing less than $200/coin, I have lots of low-hanging fruit I can add to my collection in 2012.

This leads me to my next unanticipated set of MS Eisenhower Dollars. Needing a break from the Morgan's, I discovered how challenging and fun assembling a set of high-grade IKE Dollars could be. After watching overpriced E-Bay listings for months, I won a 1973-S PCGS MS-68 Eisenhower Dollar last week Monday on Teletrade at a final hammer price with buyer's premium and postage 58% lower than Fair Market Value! This latest purchase leaves me with only three coins left to finish this set that I anticipate finishing sometime in 2012.

One problem with a complete Morgan Dollar collection is what to do about the key dates. Selling my old details graded gold coins, I raised enough money to purchase a VG-10 1893-S Morgan Dollar. With just four "First Spouse" coins left to sell I should have enough money from the proceeds of those sales to purchase a few other Morgan keys in 2012.

While certainly not in the forefront, I nonetheless added a few type coins to my basic type set and a number of ladies to "Inspirational Ladies" in 2011. Of course, these goals will continue into 2012. Along those lines, I also plan to purchase selected US Mint products in 2012 and I particularly like the Francis Scott Key National Anthem commemoratives due out next year.

I also plan to continue my "coin-of-the-month" posts in 2012. I have really enjoyed doing these posts, and my hope is that you enjoy reading them. One side benefit to these posts is that they often serve as owner descriptions for that coin.

Speaking of owner descriptions, there is so much more along those lines that I can do for my collection that does not cost me a cent and is a lot of fun. My problem is mustering the motivation to get started. It is always much more fun to buy a new coin, however, once started I am laser-beam focused on the end-result of informative and interesting owner descriptions.

Only God can tell what will occur in 2012, but with a new year comes new hope. Accordingly, I wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year, but until then, happy collecting!




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