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"And Now...



The End is Near..."

The delivery Gods are smiling on me. Morgan Dollars are appearing on my doorstep and in my mailbox at a headspinning clip. I race home from work daily to beat the mailman to my home so I?ll be there to sign for my next treasure. Some days, I find only the evidence of the attempted delivery of one of these registered and insured packages and I?ll jump back into my truck and chase down the delivery person further along his or her route. I?m sure my local representatives of the USPS think that I am insane. It really doesn?t bother me if they do (they?re right). Today, I arrived home to find 2 padded envelopes (Valued at $5000+) thrown on my front porch by our friends at UPS. Not slipped inside the storm door, not signed for, just dropped on the porch of a home in a residential neighborhood with pedestrians, kids, and dogs. They (UPS) and I were both lucky.

These packages brought me closer to the magic number of 100% on ?Poor Man?s Insanity?. All 4 of today?s arrivals fell into the 1892-1895 ?Hell Range? of Morgans. Almost any registry set that falls below 100% is missing 1 or more of the 13 Morgans that fit into this range. All low to lower mintage and real tough (and expensive) in the higher grades.

Attached is a photo of one of today?s acquisitions. This 1893 CC has the look that I love. An ?HONEST? Morgan that did its duty as a circulating part of this nation?s economy over 100 years ago. Dark, toned, slightly worn! I can ?feel? the history each time I see or touch a Morgan like this one.




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