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Wissahickon Collection


The Price I Must Pay For Being The Underbidder.

Have you ever missed out on a "great" coin at auction? For most collectors, the answer is "Of course I have!". Have you ever had that same coin show up in another registry set? Well, I just did!

I was browsing through another collector's Seated Liberty Half Dime Registry. As I brought up the picture of his 1840 WD specimen, I froze in disbelief. Staring back at me was a coin that I had drooled over, and bid for on April 4, 2007!

Here is my account of the "odd circumstances" leading to my loss.

I spotted this beauty early in the week, as soon as lots were available for viewing. I researched recent offerings, grades certified, and prices; then placed a reasonable bid early. The only competing bid was posted early on the last day of the auction. I rechecked my facts and figures and determined my final bid, but didn't execute it; only watched for any additional action throughout the day. There was none. My strategy was to wait until the last moments prior to closing, then place my "final" strong offer.

As the clock ticked down, my computer was all "cued up"; the numbers were entered; all I had to do was hit the bid button at the crucial moment. Wait for it, wait for it, NOW!!! I punched BID, and nothing happened! Apparently there was quite a bit of activity in this auction, and the DLRC servers were overloaded.

I stared at this lack of action as the clock ticked off the last few seconds- 3 - 2 - 1. AUCTION OVER! My final shot was never fired. I cursed at my monitor and lamented my strategy of waiting till the last possible moment to bid. Later, Win Callender (DLRC) and I laughed at the unfortunate timing of events.

Over the ensuing 4 years, I'd pretty much forgotten about this coin. That is, until today- and there it was, as beautiful as I remember her from 2007!

Oh well, if I can't have her, it's satisfying to see this gorgeous coin surrounded by other wonderfully eye appealing examples. It resides in a super collection, owned by a true gentleman.

Though I lost her at auction, at least I know where to go visit!

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