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Wissahickon Collection


A quick peek at on-line inventory pays dividends.

One evening last week, my "Better Half" informed me that it was time to empty all the waste baskets and take out the trash.

As I dumped the bin in my office, I took a "Break", (afterall, dumping these wastebaskets is heavy work) and scanned a favorite dealer"s inventory on the PC.

Now, I have been drooling over a nice 1844 SL Dime (MS-62) on his site for some time, but knew I wasn't going to bust the budget with a 5 figure purchase. So, as I am flipping thru the listings, I see an 1844 Dime in VF-30: Wow, this wasn't there 2 hours ago!!

I immediately snapped it up! As you may know, the 1844 Dime isn't all THAT rare, but I haven't seen that many examples plus, it has developed a certain allure- How many coins do you know that have a nickname? Brian Greer credits Frank C. Ross, a writer sometime ago, from Kansas City, with having come up with the name.

Well, the coin arrived on Monday, and I have been enjoying "Annie" immensely. She is an orphan no more!!

Oh and coincidentally, in another package arriving on the same day, I received my first and only Jules Riever Coin- an 1831 Bust Half Dime: MS-62.

All in all, this week is off to a very nice start.

Oh, I forgot the trash; left the bag in the middle of the floor; and got yelled at!..... It was worth it.



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