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I filled the last hole in my Proof Lincoln Memorial set



But I'm not done yet. I've still got a long way to go.

I got busy and found the last few coins I needed to make my set show 100% for now. I added the 2010-S & 2011-S to get me up to date. I really hate the way NGC is mounting these shield cents face down. Come on guys, do it right! I also snagged a 1987-S in NGC PF70UC with a population of only 16. I was pretty lucky on that one. I have a 1970-S proof set with a nice ULTRA CAMEO small date cent, but I haven't had time to send it in for grading yet. It has a lot of "dust" particles in the mint holder, so I should probably send it to NCS first. In the mean time, I found a nice PF67 cameo to fill the hole. I also got an incredible deal on a super scarce 1966 SMS cameo cent. It's graded SMS67 cameo by NGC and I can't tell you how tough these are to find. I also changed out my 1961. I had a PF67 ultra cameo, but I found a good deal on a PF69 cameo that scores better. The seller hasn't released it yet, but as soon as he does, I'll add it to my set. With all these additions and upgrades, I've slipped into the 12th place slot, which is quite an accomplishment for me on this limited budget of mine. I look forward to the occational upgrade as they come along.




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