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Hands Down NGC wins

I live a few miles away from PCGS, so it is convenient to go to PCGS to drop off coins, their free slab boxes with every order are nice, thier free grading of the coin of the quarter is okay, but other than that NGC wins hands down.

NGC allows PCGS coins on their registry. PCGS is an exclusive snob.

PCGS grades far too hard, NGC is fair. I've broke out two MS67 pennies from NGC slabs and sent them to PCGS to experiment, they didn't even make MS65. I recently submitted a bulk order of 174 coins in which at least 1/2 should have been MS65 or higher. PCGS GRADED FOUR OUT OF 174 AND SAID THEY ARE CHANGING THEIR POLICY. THEY WILL NOW CHARGE $5 FOR EACH NON-GRADED COIN.

Sounds like they want to be paid for not working!

Customer service at PCGS is horrible compared to NGC. The President, Ron Guth, stated to me that he knows it, "he has heard it often", but nothing has been done. A new collector I got into coins sent about 200 coins to PCGS, five of the coins were wrongly identified with the wrong date, wrong mint mark and even a non-silver coin was identified as a silver coin.

PCGS is answered by a team of "customer dis-service" people that know little if anything about coins and are usually hesitant to find the answer or they will pass you on to people that aren't in the office. NGC is answered by a friendly person. If that person doesn't know the answer, they will put you on hold and personally find the answer.

PCGS takes almost three times as long to grade coins as NGC, despite their promised turn around times on economy.

As soon as my dealership application is approved by NGC, they will have 100% of my business, as NGC doesn't accept bulk orders from non-dealers.

I've even had an employee of PCGS ask me why I continued to do business with PCGS due to the bad service she has observed. I had to think about it, "Why do you and I put up with bad customer service, exclusivity, harsh grading, etc., when we can be and are treated like valuble customers by NGC?



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