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Wissahickon Collection


"More Surprises With New Purchase: 1873-S Dime."

A couple of new purchases arrived today. They are both Seated Liberty coinage, that I have been impatiently awaiting for 7 days. In the interim, I have been reading through some reference materials about varieties of Seated Dimes and Half-Dimes.

One specific coin (1873-S Arrows Dime) has a couple of varieties that piqued my interest. Brian Greer details type 101: Obv-repunched "18"/ Rev- Small, thin "S". Type 102: Rev-Small, block "S" (Larger than type 101).

I went to my copies of Gobrecht Journals (Liberty Seated Coin Collectors Society) and searched for any references. In volume 3 (Issue 34, November 1985) John McCloskey describes his coin and posts large pictures of the two MM styles.

Today, when my coin arrived, I immediately put it under the microscope, and was elated to find that I had the rarer Type 102 "Block" MM which is also punched well to the left of the bow knot. Next, I flipped the coin over and scrutinized the obverse. What's this?? Clearly the "1" is repunched above the foot, and there is faint doubling inside the lower loop of the "8"- just as B. Greer describes for the type 101!

Could it be- do I have a 101 Obv/ and a 102 Rev die marriage?

Over the past few years, I have come across 5 or 6 oddities or varieties that had no prior research or identification, to my knowledge. I always assume that I am mistaken, and what I see isn't really new or different. Afterall, if this were NEW, someone else would have found it by now. So I looked at this coin with the microscope, 5X glass, and naked eye for over an hour before concluding that I did have a die marriage of 101 Obv and 102 Rev.

J. McCloskey's article was published in 1985 and B. Greer's book in 1992. Is any one aware of further research since then? I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has additional info on this date, 1873-S.

I am enjoying the coin for its beauty, but think of all the fun I would have missed had I not READ the books before buying the coin!!!



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