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Milestones & Competition



Reaching an important milestone for my collection and the coin that put me over the top.

Greetings all, just three short months ago I wrote about possibly discontinuing my first-spouse collection. Now three months later I have a new perspective even though the price of gold has not significantly changed. First, I have a lot invested in this series already, and if I have the money to continue, I should. Next, I want to continue to add gold to my portfolio and these coins are a great way of doing it. Finally, the most recent issue is of Mary Todd Lincoln, so with the Lincoln commemorative of a year ago, this first spouse coin is the perfect complement.

Using the aforementioned rational, I purchased the most current first-spouse gold coin. In doing so, I also crossed an important milestone for my collection as Mary Todd Lincoln put me over the 100,000-point barrier. Having ?arrived? at this point, I am beginning to wonder what the big deal is. The reason I collect coins is not for points, nor for competition. I have been a collector for most of my life and have only recently discovered the registry. However, I must admit that there is a bit of a competitive nature in my blood, but I have to ask myself, with whom am I competing.

With more than 100,000 points, over 600 people are ahead of me, and I have little or no possibility of getting significantly higher. Even at that if I were to stop collecting coins, I would find myself slipping in rank due to others adding to their collections. With the exception of a few sets, I am in essence competing with myself, and points are the measure of that competition. If my goal is to acquire the best first-spouse coins possible, then I will be assembling a PFUC-70 set that just happens to be the number one set alongside other number one sets. The overall points are also a means for me to measure growth in my collection, rather than with who I am ahead or behind. In the end, I am happy to be over 100,000 points, but it is only a number and an indicator of the quality and number of coins in my collection. I cannot compete with most of the top sets in the registry, but points are an indicator of the best I can do.

Overall, I feel that the concept of the registry is good for the hobby. NGC in awarding points for coins in registry sets encourages individual collectors to assemble the very best coins possible for their collections within their budgets. Additionally, high-grade and rare coins are preserved for future generations in NGC and PCGS holders, and assembled in sets. The registry is also a wonderful tool for collectors to help them stay focused on their collecting goals.

Next year is almost here, and I am beginning to focus on my goals for the coming year. For the most part, my goals will be focused on the coins I will purchase rather than the points I will earn. Please enjoy my photo collage of Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln and have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!





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