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What a cool place this is



My first impressions of this web site

I have been a member of this registry for about a week now. What fun it has been to enter my coins into various collections and compare my scores to more established collectors. As I typed in all the numbers, and some more than once :(, I realized how scattered my collecting had become. In retrospect, I seem to go on binges where I am pursuing a certain type of coin and then I cool off and chase after another. The process of choosing which registry fit the coins I have collected caused me to reflect and rethink what my priorities are. I haven't finalized my choices but I have begun to consider my purchases in a different light. It is no longer spur of the moment but a more thoughtful and calculated approach. I still enjoy looking at beautiful specimens but the temptation to buy has been reduced a bit.

The registry has helped me to focus on completion of sets. I also look at upgrades and varieties in a different light. Prior to joining I was content to have an example of a coin and now I find myself wanting a better specimen. The excitement of adding a coin and moving up in the rankings is somewhat familiar. Familiar in the sense that as a kid I was always looking at my change and finding great coins. I found a 1914d in change when I was about 13 years old. I hardly slept that night and it pushed me to keep checking my change as well as my moms and my grandparents change. The same kind of excitement is now mine as I peruse the auctions and the magazines looking for upgrades and hole fillers. The only difference is that now I don't lose any sleep ^____^ How odd to be this excited at 57 years of age. This registry has made my collecting even more enjoyable than in the past. I think its terrific. How about you?




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