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The road to completion



Gifts from NGC?

As I look at and admire some of the top Morgan Dollar sets, I can only imagine what kind of outlay was necessary to accumulate so many pristine examples of George Morgan?s legacy. I?m just a typical working stiff who has enjoyed coins, especially Morgans, for more decades than I care to remember. I had completed a set of ?raw? business strike Morgans and decided that my next logical step was to leap into a registered set.

There?s a reason that my Morgan registry set is called ?Poor Man?s Insanity?. What I spend on coins is a bit insane, but with coins I?ll always be able to recoup most of my outlay or possibly come out ahead should the need for cash ever reach that extreme.

This set is now about 3/4 complete and my standards must slide downward somewhat if completion is to be reached. For example, an 1892-S must be XF or better to score above the minimum in the registry. Numismedia has the 1892-S in XF valued at $210, however, at AU-55, the price jumps to $3090 and at AU-58, we?re looking at $6570. Too rich for this poor man.

Today, NGC made my quest a little easier. Registry points were adjusted on two Morgan Dollars. My 1895-O in XF gained 386 points and the 1894 needn?t be AU to be worth registering. I?ll get my raw 1894 in the mail to NGC. Now, I?d like to see my 1893-S be able to score at less than VG.

A few extra points from NGC, it must be Christmas in January!

P.S. Ronday is doing a nice job on his (really, our) trading slabs site.




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