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Wissahickon Collection


Some were captured; some escaped; one, never seen.

Well, here we are at the end of another year. As I stated in a Journal Entry this past summer, I develop a list of my "15 Most Wanted Coins" at the beginning of each year, in an attempt to keep my coin search focused. As 2005 has come to a close, I reviewed my results against the list. I would have to declare them mixed, but satisfying. Here's the outcome:


Coins 1, 3, and 8 on the list were added to my collection.

#1 had been on the list for 3 years.

#2 was a 2 year search, as was #3.


Coins 2, 5, and 6 got away.

Coin #2 has been on the list for 3 years. I spotted it twice in two different dealers inventories (in August and September). Both coins, I felt, were overpriced; however, I spoke with one of the dealers, whom I've dealt with before. She acknowledged the price was a bit high (consignment coin), and also that the quality wasn't that great. Easy decision here!

The second appearance was a nice example held by a dealer with whom I had had only a couple of prior transactions. In this case the price was at a level that left no doubt about a significant premium to all guides would be required. I spent a couple of days trying to justify the stretch. Finally, I called a favorite dealer and discussed the coin- a touch of realism was restored, and I passed. Oh, well.

#5 showed up in a favorite dealer's inventory, and I said "Send it to me!" That's when he said "Wait a minute. Let me get a stronger glass. I don't like what I see in the left field." You can imagine how my stomach dropped. This was a 2 year search- snatched right out of my hot, little hand!!! This was a PCGS MS64 coin. I suggested a trip to NCS, but he felt they wouldn't touch it. This coin will be on the 2006 List.

#6 is not that rare, but I just haven't found an example that I like after a year of looking. A couple of months ago, I found the right example in an auction. You guessed it, some one else wanted it more than me. As I said, it isn't that rare, and didn't merit a premium bid from me. Back on the list.


#4 on the list has not been sighted in 4 years. It is a variety that, obviously, doesn't show up very often. This one has gotten to be a challenge. She'll definitely move up on the 2006 List.


The other 8 coins on the list were spotted; apprehended; examined; and released as not acceptable candidates.

So there it is another year of FUN!! I wish a great year of collecting to all in 2006!



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