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2009 Registry Awards



Once again...Changes need to happen here!!

Here we are a month before the close of all the registries to be honored as the best in all categories. Most take it serious and take pride in their sets and being honored as having the best set. However, when PCGS coins are allowed in a NGC Collectors Society and are NOT allowed to have NGC coins on the PCGS site, things need to CHANGE! NGC has never inspected any PCGS coin that reside in any registry set yet they are accepted as equals without question. I have seen PCGS coins that are no way the grade they were given by PCGS. I really believe PCGS does not grade the modern coins the same way as the older coins. Every one keeps stating that their are far less coins graded by PCGS and their standards are much stricter.....that is pure bunk!

Why is Ebay flooded with Presidential dollars going for a lot less then the NGC counterparts.

Changes need to take place and soon! To have a registry take top prize and the owner only has PCGS making no effort at all respecting they are in a NGC Society is WRONG! Until NGC coins are allowed straight up on the PCGS set...I propose there should be separate groups....NGC only coins and NGC and PCGS. Then the dedicated NGC owners will get their just rewards or all modern PCGS coins have less points unless NGC can inspect them to be sure they are indeed graded corrected. I am getting rid of my Satin Presidential set because most are not the grade they are given and would be embarassed with some like deceiving the new owner. Most modern PCGS never cross over either..that should count for something as well.

I, myself, take great pride with the NGC coins I have in my registry. Everyone says..."Buy the coin not the holder"...yes that would be true if the coin was really the grade it should be!

Congrats to all the winners next month....Take heed all PCGS modern coin collectors....Some of us diehard NGC collectors are not happy with it....sounds like sour grapes? Not really....if you take part in any Society...the awards should only go to the ones that honor and respect the very Society that allows them to take part.

Changes need to happen here ASAP!

Happy NGC collecting!



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