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Right Coin--Wrong Time



bad timing

It never ceases to happen to me. When I have some money saved in my coin budget there just don't seem to be any "really special" coins available for the sets that I focus on. Being a bit of a coin addict, it is hard for me to be patient and wait with that extra money sitting in the coin account. Even as a kid if I had $10 from cutting a neighbor's lawn or shoveling some snow that money was just dying to be spent. I'd like to say that I saved up those funds for coins to fill holes in my Lincoln thumbbusters, but by the time I got done with baseball cards, Zots, Pop Rocks, Double-Bubble etc. etc.--I was lucky if I had enough to buy even 1 hole-filler. Now it's not candy and baseball cards but inevitably I'll end up with a small random purchase or 2 of a proof set or cool designed foreign coin, followed by a minor upgrade of a 65 to a 66 ( when what I really want is a 67 that will be a permanent fixture in my collection.)

As soon as I dwindle my coin funds down to a small amount..taadaa !! presto !! A gorgeous coin of a quality rarely seen will appear at auction. Then comes the scrambling. I'm sure many of you know what I mean by scrambling.

For example: the coin will sell at around $1000...currently you have around $400 available for purchases and the auction ends in a week ..scramble time !! Sometimes it's some quick cash raised by selling some of the random buys on ebay, sometimes it's slabs offered up on these NGC forums or traded/sold at TS. Factor in the paycheck coming in 2 weeks and whether any bills will be late if you steer the funds to a coin purchase instead of paying on time and how steep will any late fees be. It's madness...99% of the time I just don't buy it being a responsible adult but every once in a while....

So again I find myself in this familiar dilemma..$500 short of a "permanent collection coin." This may be the 1% however. It won't require too much scrambling to free up the funds and nothing is due until October 15th, so I may just go for it.

It sure would have been nice however, if the coin that has had me visiting its image over and over, would have appeared on November 1st instead. I get an annual annuity dispersement each November..but then, with my bad timing, it will be a period of slim pickings for quality upgrades available for my collection.....if I could only find a way to save those funds until the perfect coin came along...but then maybe there are some traits we never grow out of...

My first CAC coin...1944-D MS67




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