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A Fun New Addition



A coin struck under the authority of a sovereign Indian tribe.

I ran across a new coin for my signature set kind of randomly. It was a "Battle of Point Pleasant" commemorative issue made for the Shawnee Indian tribe with a mintage limited to 50,000. I hadn't realized that a couple of the sovereign Indian tribes within the United States had started to make these 1 Oz silver issues in the last decade (the Shawnee started in 2002, followed by another tribe in 2004). I may try to collect the rest of the set, though I'm not 100% sure of what the timing will be for that. In the interim I'm looking forward to researching the historical context of the Battle the coin refers to. The seller of the coin turned out to be another collector's society member and he has some signature sets for them. Check them out if you're so inclined. His user name is JOHN ZABECKI.

I also just ordered graduation announcements at my mother's insistence. I can't believe that 50 personalized announcements and envelopes to put them in cost nearly $100. For crying out loud, it's paper! I'm still trying to workout how and when to order the Cap&Gown. The graduation countdown is down to about 85 days.

I've attached the seller's image so you can get a feel for what the coin looks like.




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