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Let The Truth Be Known / What's Up With Coin Cleaning?

Newport Numismatic Guild


What will my first submission to NGC bring.....joy, terror, fear, rejection...?

Now that I've completed the entire Oregon Trail comemmorative half dollar series I just sent them to NGC for grading. This is the first time I've ever submitted coins to be graded by any firm. I'm anxious to see how well I was able to determine the grade of each coin vis-a-vis NGC grade. Before I sent them to NGC I wrote down a grade that I thought the coin to be. It will be interesting to see how close my grade came to that of NGC's. What scares me most though is not so much getting a grade lower that I figured but getting back the dreaded 'body-bagged' coin. I've read all the reasons NGC provides for body bagging a coin so when I purchased each coin I carefully checked to ensure that the coin didn't have any of the problems which NGC states are usually the reasons coins are sent back ungraded. The only problem that confuses me somewhat is this cleaning of a coin business. I understand about improper cleaning causing surface damage but is there a proper way to clean a coin? I've heard that you're not supposed to clean coins but isn't that what NCS and PCGS do?

Isn't 'conservation' just a fancy name for a professionally done cleaning before it's put into an air tight holder? Is there a proper procedure for cleaning a coin by a non-professional that won't result in the coin being rejected because it was cleaned? Five of the fourteen coins in the series I had to send to NCS for 'conservation' because they weren't as eye appealing as the other nine. Many people like a toned coin, whereas I do not. Sending coins to NCS for conservation before sending them on to NGC for grading is costly. I'd appreciate any advice on this subject.




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