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Busy Coin Week



I actually added a registry coin !!

I'll keep this short..it's been a bit of a busy coin week for me. I sent away 8 of my Walkers for photoing by a friend who is very professional and skilled at coin photography. I have to laugh because although I have seen evidence of his talents by looking at some of his other work, he explained to me that he didn't have a lot of experience with this series.

What makes it funny is that even someone with his skill level, could still run into the same issues I was having with my modest photo set up. Problems like trying to show the luster but not have the brilliance/shine obscure details..highlighting details/strike without having every tiny nick look like a gouge..etc etc..

In the end his results were spectacular if I may say so...

Also I finally broke down and decided which set I'd work on next. I finished my MS67 Mercury dime short set in April and have been deciding on which registry set to pursue. The finalists were: a Buffalo Nickel short set, a Standing Liberty Quarter one-per-date set; an MS63 Peace Dollar set (decided to do an album of these instead)..in the end I decided to stick with the Walkers and just go with the Mid-size set.

This set, for those unfamiliar, runs from the 1934 coins all the way to the end of the series. So the 1941-47 short set has 20 coins..and now I'll need an additional 20 for the mid set. I bought my first one last night..a nice 1940 MS66 with attractive russet toning and well struck...it's the easiest date for this part of the set but you gotta start somewhere..

Here's one of the fabulous photos that Sam (Coindude) did for me..some of you may remember my futile efforts at imaging this coin..finally, pictures that show what the coin looks like in hand !!......NOTE: because of shrinking the imagesize per the requirements for this board the images lost some clarity..but they still look great Full screen on my computer...




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