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People are people




Yes, I too am not too happy with the slowness of NGC. But, I've also learned that you don't tell the barber that he gives bad haircuts right before you get yours! In saying that, to the person that complains to NGC all the time about them being slow, well, you may not know it, and I'M NOT saying that they do this, but your order just may get pushed down a few more! The other point that I would like to make is, if they said it was going to be 15 days for modern, and got it to you in 11 days, then you would be thrilled! BUT, since THEY stated that modern will take 11 days, and now they are flooded with orders galore and it takes 15, well, that just sucks. Seriously, is your world going to stop over 72 more hours? Take a breath, and know that your getting the best grading from quality people, and your NGC coin slab is commanding a premium, and they buyer knows what exactly he's getting.

Men in particular are stuck on deadlines. If you tell me 11 days, then by God, you have 10 more to get it to me! If the wife tells me that she will be home in 2 hours, and it turns out to be 3 and she didn't call, then yes, I'm mad, as well as scared. I don't know if something happened to her or was in an accident or whatever. My mind goes crazy if she doesn't call! Now I don't get mad or scared when my order is late. It's almost like a game now. I sign on every evening to check my status of my order, and when it gets shipped finally, and I get to see the grades, then it's like Christmas...wait a minute.... it IS Christmas! Merry Christmas ya'all!

from the "transplanted yankee"



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