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It's time...



The #1 1971 proof set is also the first to go

Greeting all! Well, I'm finally retired from the Air Force and moved to Columbia SC. It's been 4.5 months since, and still looking for a job. The retirement and disability is only half of what I was bring in. The resumes are in and still being put out on a daily basis. I have a wonderful wife at my side, who is doing the majority of the work, since she used to do resume screening, and knows what to look for when looking AT a resume. My 3 kids love running around in this "never-been-updated-since-it-was-built-in-1979" bait and switch apartment (another story I'd rather not get into) but the money is getting kinda tight. I got an idea to publish a book, but need to raise the money rather than miss a rent payment :-) If it all works out, I can start collecting the set all over again.

Well, it's been a trip, a fun ride, and adventure...all the above. It took one 1971 quarter to recieve the grade of PF 68 Ultra Cameo for me to be addicted worse than cigarette smoking (by the way, I'm 11 months smoke free after 25+ years).

Ultimately, I would like to sell the whole set to one person, but will consider individual coin too. If interested, drop me a line. 4k for the whole set.



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