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Some More (Old?) Mexican Silver



Continuing to work on the Mexican Libertads and a little more...

Last week one of the other members on the forums was offering a fairly large amount of silver for sale. This is something he doesn't pretty consistantly. He always seems to have a lot of silver available that he wants to unload. Sometimes he moves material, other offerings get offered again in a couple of weeks and new material periodically enters.

I saw that he was offering 37 1984 silver libertads a price much lower than I'd be able to get them for on eBay. The picture he had showing for an example looked nice. I've been looking for a good pre-1990 silver libertad to represent that type in my sig set so I decided to ask him if he'd pick out one or two of the nicer ones and sell those to me. Quality is very important for the set I'm building. He was willing to do so and just needed to know exactly how many I wanted.

I had also noticed around this time that he had some of the 1979/1980 Mexican silver rounds. These are about 33.6 grams of 0.925 silver, so they have 1 ounce of 0.999 fine equivalent. I've said before that I wasn't sure if I'd be interested in these older pre-libertad rounds or not, but I've been making a few similar purchases for the set lately and I'd decided a while back that if I could find a nice one for a resonable price I'd buy it. Well, the price for these was, again, much lower than I'd ever get them for on eBay. I decided to buy 2 of the 1984s and 2 of the 1979/1980 rounds off of him. I'll need to find another coin or two to complete the submission, but I'll be sending those off for grading. (I hope that NGC will grade the older silver issues anyway, does anyone else know for sure?)

The older silver reminds me of the old US assay rounds. They have a pair of scales on one side, state the fineness and weight of the coin and they're labeled as coming from the "Casa de Moneda de Mexico." These were only minted 3 years; 1949, 1979, and 1980. There was only a 1 year gap in 1981 before the Libertads began production in 1982. They seem to look back to a different period in the production and sale of silver bullion and they're the oldest coins I'm aware of that qualify to be a part of my set.




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