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Who Says Registered Mail is Slow?



From Texas to Florida in a weekend. Wow!

Whenever I talk to people about registered mail I get this speech about "it's slower than other forms of mail because it's tracked so carefully but it's much more secure." I get that, but how slow is it really? My latest submission was given over to USPS at our local post office on Friday afternoon (3/20). I checked today and apparently NGC has received it! I did a double take when I saw that. Interestingly enough, this submission was received exactly 2 months after they received my last pair of invoices. Some of those coins are still with NGC waiting on one of the coins to be replaced.

I really can't believe that a supposedly slow piece of mail made it to out to Florida that fast.

I'm forced to wonder what NGC's receiving staff thought of that package when they opened it. It was a relatively small box, roughly 8x4x5. Inside it were the forms and, surrounded by packing paper, a smaller box. That box (which was itself completely sealed with packing tape) contained the 6 coins of the submission, surrounded by packing paper. 4 of the coins were in their original government cases. The other 2 were sent in the airtites I received them in. All of this was an attempt to make absolutely sure that the coins arrived in the condition I packed them in and that no one could easily tamper with the contents. While the coins in the shipment are all modern, some of them were quite expensive and would be very hard to replace. Half the coins in shipment had a total issuance of 4000 or less and I believe some will be the first of their kind put in an NGC holder. The six coin submission had an insured value of nearly $500, because that's about how much it took to buy them. I've never sent off a set of coins for which I feared damage so much.

I really can't wait to see how they do in grading. I could use some good news. I got a test grade back today. It was the third lowest mid-term exam grade I've received in 8 semesters at this school, but the rest of the class did so bad I still get a B after the curve. I get another test back tomorrow and I take another one on Wednesday... whoopee!



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