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Spring Break is coming!



And this terrible week is getting close to being over.

Well guys, I took my "Kinetics and Reactor Design" mid-term this morning... all I can say is "Yuck." Maybe everyone else failed and it won't be so bad... At this point I just have to study all day tomorrow survive my test in "Mass Transfer Operations." It's times like this when I get awfully tempted to buy a coin or two that I want just to feel better about the beating that my GPA is about to take... Friday is payday though... so you never know...

I'll have to do some academic related activities during the vacation but I decided weeks ago that I was going to have some coin related fun next week. I'll finally be sending in that submission of coins for my signature set and I plan on re-imaging that set so it'll look more consistent and (hopefully) better.

It looks like I'm again going to be looking at a period with relatively few purchases. About a week ago I completely blew the budget getting a few great new additions. I'll be happy to add those to my sets as soon as they come back from grading, probably some time in April. In the interim I have been and continue to endeavor in many of the same areas that Jackson recently referred to (when I have the time to spare anyway). I read the journals and research my coins. I'm constantly attempting to refine the presentations of certain sets. My pictures aren?t always the greatest, but they?re all digital photos. I don?t use a scanner. That technology base will never reward me with the kinds of images that I want so I don?t even bother with it anymore (though I used to, especially with images not intended for the registry). I?d rather keep trying, failing, and learning with the camera in the hopes of one day getting it ?right? than give up and settle for a lesser outcome.

In a recent discussion with him, Jackson referred to this as "the free parts" of the hobby. At the time I thought that it was a rather interesting statement. After all, while imaging, researching, reading, and writing about the coins doesn't cost money, that is where most of the value is to be found in the hobby (at least for me). It's reading and studying the coins and then sharing what you learn that makes them worth the money to me. I don't think I'd be willing to lay down nearly $100 or more for a coin if I didn't also think they were interesting enough to look into further (and that I could tell you guys all about it afterwards). I think the sense of community is the single most important factor in the end. I don?t think I would have been in this hobby very long if I hadn?t found others to discuss it with (my Engineering friends look at me like I?m a little bit ?special? when I try to talk about my coin collection with them).

I remain open to input and commentary on all my sets, but most especially the signature set. I?m always trying to find out about the symbolism, origins, and history of each of the series in that collection. If I?ve gotten something wrong, or I?m leaving out something important, I?d certainly like to know. Anything that improves my knowledge and understanding of the set or coins is welcomed? and if you just want to say ?good job? or ?that?s cool,? well, that?s fine too.

The picture is a lead-in to something I'm hoping to talk about in a couple of days. Anyone know what it is?




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