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1949-S Wheat 1C Error?



Do I have a error coin here?

I recently purchased a fist full of wheaties from a <a href="http://loca">loca</a>l coin retailer. I put them in my binder without much thought as <a href="http://I us">I us</a>ually do so that <a href="http://I ca">I ca</a>n let my thoughts cool off for awhile. The other day I was looking at my set when I realized something different about the reverse of this coin. At first I thought it was an abrasion of some sort, but now I am <a href="http://serious">serious</a>ly wondering if it is a die error.


Points for considering:

1. The O in "ONE" is missing material on the upper left quadrant.

2. The S in "STATES" and the AMER of "AMERICA" are also missing material if not hardly visible.

3. All other details on the reverse were sharply struck and appear to be in good detail.


My question is, was there debris in the die at the time this particular coin was struck and is it a certifiable error or variety coin?


I rule out abrasion or defacing of any sort simply <a href="http://becaus">becaus</a>e if it were abrasion some or all of the word "CENT would have damage as well as the rim and "E <a href="http://Pluribus">Pluribus</a> Unum".


I guess I will start on some research to see what happens.


As a side note, I really need to get my coins posted in my gallery sometime soon huh?



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