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Something has got to change!!



PCGS SMS and First Day Issues most will not Crossover!

The registry really should be for NGC graded coins alone. PCGS has their own registry and those coins should not be allowed in here. I have several Satin Finish Presidential dollars MS69 that I know will not crossover. If you can visibly see stains or marks with the naked eye, everyone knows that they would never be a MS69 SMS with NGC. There should be an allowance for those collectors that only want NGC in their registries.

I challenge every collector to submit their SMS MS69's to NGC to crossover. All those PCGS MS68 First Day Issue dollars would be just MS67's. Perhaps we should take a vote and see how everyone feels. I do know that some of my PCGS dollars I would be ashamed to sell because they just don't measure up.

Maybe The Collectors Society should review their practice to allow PCGS coins in here or allow less points for the same grade. One thought is to have NGC have a "Just Review" status to make sure the PCGS coins are indeed an equal grade. Those coins then would have that info attached to that serial number.

This may sound like sour grapes but something does need to change so this Society favors NGC coins over PCGS. If not, then any award given to those that have many or all PCGS coins brings less importance and meaning to this Society.

I know I am not alone in believing this, its not like the PCGS collectors have no where to belong but we are not welcome on theirs!! I would love to get some responses and feedback from fellow members.

I do love collecting though!




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