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A Complete STEEL ...



... cent set that is.

Well, this weekend one of my hopes has been to get the last coin I needed for a complete 3 coin steel cent set from 1943. Part of my problem has been that I wanted nice looking MS67s. I didn't want MS66s and I didn't want coins that looked like they had "gunk" on them (I know, really specific aren't I?).

Well, this weekend there were 2 such coins ending at auction and 1 with a Buy it Now. The buy it now was somewhat higher than I wanted to pay (though it did have a Best Offer option). I decided to bid in the auctions. I lost both auctions naturally (winning one would have been too simple). I then decided "what the heck" and put in an 80% offer on the BIN/BO coin (which put it in my "reasonable" range) and about 30 minutes later the seller accepted. The coin had been on the listings for months. He was probably happy to finally move the coin. Hopefully I'll get the coin by the end of the week and get it registered. I still don't have my 1952-S yet.

That completes my MS67 Steel cent set. Getting this set has had me thinking though. There are a number of people who have 1943 mint sets, late wheat cent sets, wheat cent sets, and lincoln cent (1909-present) sets just so they can show their steel cent(s). I don't blame them. They're cool old coins. However, maybe NGC could make a special set just for the 3 steel cents? Like what was done for the 3 Bicentennial coins. Or maybe a 4 year short set for the steels and the 3 "shell-casing" years (1944-1946)? OR they could make a "WWII" set with those penny years and the silver war nickels? Eh? Wouldn't that be cool?

I've edited the post to add the sellers picture of the 1943-S I just bought. Sadly, zinc coated steel just doesn't shine the same way Silver does.




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