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National Parks Commemorative Quarter Series Passes Congress



They've gone too far IMO

Okay... So, we've had 10 years of state quarters. Then they extended that to an 11th year for places that aren't states, some of which have rejected statehood several times. Meanwhile, we got the Westward Journey nickels, and the Presidential Dollars, and the Sacagawea, and soon we'll get different penny reverses and changing sacagawea reverses. And now this new 10 year joke. What's the deal here? Isn't some of this what the commemoratives and the bronze medals are for? Afterall, they're even using the word "commemorative" in the name of the act. But these aren't commemoratives. They're what's going to be in your pocket. Somebody seriously needs to tell Congress to lay off.

At this point, if you look at a snapshot from 1998 to 2010, you will find 6 penny designs, 6 nickel designs, 1 dime design, ~62 quarter designs, 1 half dollar design, and ~20 dollar designs. So that's ~95 coin designs from a 13 year period, and that number will increase to include dozens more in the decade from 2011-2020. This is terrible! If this continues it's going to become hard just to keep track of everything that counts as legal tender in this country (assuming the economy doesn't collapse before then). We've gone from a system where we had 1 coin design for 50 years to one where more and more denominations have multiple patterns every year with no end in sight.

I don't really have a problem with what they're doing with the dollar right now. Those aren't circulating coins and anyone that calls them such is engaging in self-deception. You try and use them to pay a bill and people look at you like you're out of your mind. But just the idea of 106 quarter designs over a 21 year period is staggering and the way this is going you have to wonder if they'll ever stop. I read somewhere that there's the possibility that they could approve a second cycle of 50 national park quarters or something else after the first run ends.

Who else thinks that this has gone too far?



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