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Calypso's Journal

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Indian Princess



It was the fascination with a three dollar "Indian Princess" that started the journey. In my hand was a shimmering green gold beauty, the first I'd actually seen. Rick had hand picked this coin for me after a long talk about gold we enjoyed a few weeks earlier. This Princess was much more than I had previously spent on a single coin but she was so lustrous and beautiful I had to have her.

The gold bug bit me hard. I ran off scouring shops and coin shows buying every book on gold coinage I could find. Next came the "elusive 1855-0" dollar and mint state 1873-S and 1874 double eagles followed by several Saints, 1849 no L and 1889 dollars, the 1893-CC double eagle and many random purchases to feed the addiction. My love for gold had generated a hoard. I was sprinting uphill into the sun, feverish and without a sense of direction.

Stop, sit and rest. Feel the ground beneath you. Appreciate where you are and take an objective look at the long view. Take stock of resources, review books and plot the journey home. The sorting process was difficult but necessary. Everything was sold except my favorites in each type and a few coins of personal interest. I do regret selling the no L dollar and 1874 Double Eagle but the remaining core of my hoard became a pleasing easily manageable collection. I felt refreshed, ready to plot the next leg of the journey. Each new addition became a stride along the path to completion. Only three coins and I?ll be home.

The smell of barn fills my nostrils tempting me to break into another sprint. The Princess remains. I hold her in my hand and she grins knowingly.



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