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Wissahickon Collection


"Appreciating the Coin vs. the Grade"

Coins have taken a backburner in my life over the past few months, due to an extensive home renovation project. I've made no purchases for nearly 20 weeks, and visited the safe deposit box only once since mid-summer.

So, last week, I decided to bring home a couple of collections to get reacquainted- Standing Liberty Quarters and Buffalo Nickels. I examined the quarters closely over the last couple of days and found myself thrilled with rediscovering the beauty of these pieces.

This was particularly intriguing because last Spring, I pulled out a number of coins which I felt were "upgrade candidates"; and both of these series had quite a few coins on that list. Now, I was marveling at their beauty!

I have upgraded 5 Morgan Dollars; 2 Peace Dollars, and a SL Dime, Half-Dime, and Barber Quarters. But back to the Standing Liberty Quarters. I selected 16 coins for upgrade in the Spring, but now have trimmed the list to 4!!! I saw coins that made me smile. I was viewing and appreciating the coin rather than the grading number on the holder.

It's time to apply my "Would I Sell" Test:

~"If I replaced this coin, would I keep it as a duplicate?"

If the answer is "Yes"- There will be no upgrade.

I'll be checking the Buffalo Nickels next week.

This has been an interesting and enlightening experience: to take a hiatus from adding to the collection, and appreciate what I already have. A rather appropriate realization during the month of "Thanksgiving" - Don't you think?



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