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New Job, More money, and the Lucky Error



Keeping busy.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. I kinda just fell into a new job. Last week I had to wade through a bit of a rough transition that's not quite over yet but I'm hoping to get back to a more normal schedule with a few more hours per week. The good news though is that the new job pays 60% better so once my hour count comes back up I should have more money, more discretionary income, and be able to get some more of the coins I want for my sets. So that'll be good.

I recently ordered an Australian Lunar Rat for my set. When the package arrived yesterday it had a 2007 Australian Kookaburra (not a bad looking coin though). Someone else had ordered the Kookaburra on the same day and the seller had gotten the coins switched (the paperwork that arrived with it was for the right coin). I contacted the seller and he's sending the Rat out Monday. Apparently when he sends the wrong coin he lets you keep it. I haven't seen many people that would let you do this, but I'm getting to keep a coin worth nearly $40. The person that ordered the Kookaburra obviously will get the coin he paid for as well. Writing off $80 in inventory because of an honest mistake? How many eBay sellers do you know that would do that?

I hadn't been sure whether I wanted to order a few more coins through him or another seller. After this I think he'll be getting more of my business in the future.

below is te seller's pic of the 2007 Kookaburra




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