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Grades are back.



1st Submission

Well, the grades are back on those 2 invoices and 61 coins. I'm not going to say that I'm thrilled with how everything turned out but on the whole I guess it turned out ok. There were some highs and there were definitely some lows.

The lows:

A 1986-P Quarter and a 1981-D Half received grades of MS63 and MS62 respectively. Ouch. A 1886 Morgan which I compaired to several NGC MS63s (and it compaired very well IMO) was given a MS61. Again, Ouch. Not to be out-done, a 1992 Half came back body-bagged for "Obv Scratched. Always Fun. 1 quarter came back labeled as a half dollar and will be going back to be re-done. I'm not going to grumble too much over 1 coin out of 61. There were also a few more MS64s and MS65s than I would have liked.

The Highs:

My step-father purchased a raw 1935-S Texas Comemm half dollar for $125. That came back as an MS66 (Numismedia: $475). 2 1992-P "Wide-AM" cents came back as MS68RD and MS67RD. 9 out of 12 nickels submitted were given either 5FS or 6FS. 1 of them in particular, a 1993 D, was graded MS66 6PL or "6FS PL." It is only the second 1993 D nickel to get the 6PL designation and as a MS66, it beats out the other coin which is a MS65. However, because these labels are so rare, NGC didn't code the site to accept them in the registry set slots so I'm having trouble getting this coin in it's intended registry set. I'm having the same problem with a MS66 PL half dollar.

One of the main goals of this submission was to fill out some mint sets. Except for 1 BB'd coin and some that the registry won't currently allow in sets, this was accomplished. Now that the sets are filled out, I'll be looking to upgrade starting with any coin that graded below MS65 and going from there.

These coins are almost all for sets that I'm building with my step-father. I snuck a few strickly for myself in though. I had a 1898 and 1908 Indian Head go in. Those recieved AU58BN and AU55BN respectively and go into my 19th and 20th century type sets (At least until I can get MS examples). I bought those 2 back when I was just getting started and getting them graded was mostly just to see if I actually got AU coins when I was paying AU money back then. I'm also likely to get the extra 1992-P cent that got the MS67RD for my cents set(the MS68RD will obviously go to the mint set).



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